Golf Towel?

What is a Golf Towel?

The Golf Towel is a small bathtowel with dimensions 30 by 40 cm, specialy designed to snitch it to a golf bag.

Most people are using the towel after a turn to clean up the golf stick. The towels are perfect for removing mud and other dirt wich is left behind ather a hit of the golf ball.

How to use a Golf Towel?

The Golf Towel is being used for removing waste from the Golf Balls, cleaning golf clubs or your own hands. Especially on rainy days it is an indispensable tool as part of your golf equipment.



Golf Towel with Advertisement

Golf is a game you play in groups, with your friends, family, but especially with your business partners. This makes the Golf Towel the perfect business gift or advertising tool during the golf game.

In our portfolio you will find examples of Golf Towels stitched with an company logo or your sales message.